Chasing Birds on the Ocean

Herring Gull Attack, 2020, Porcelain and underglaze, 8x10x2 inches

Laysan Albatross Chicks, 2020, Porcelain and underglaze, 8x10x1 inches

Following the Albatross, 2020, porcelain and underglaze, 12x10x1 inches

Avian Collection, 2020, Porcelain and underglaze, various sizes, largest feather 8 inches long

Pirating Eggs, 2020, Porcelain and underglaze, 8x10x1 inches

Rowing Through Trash, 2020, Porcelain and underglaze, 8x3x1 inches

Marine Debris, 2020, Paper, watercolor, gouache, ink, 11x17x1 inches

Full Speed Ahead, 2020, Paper, watercolor, gouache, 11x17x1 inches

Following the Albatross, 2020, Paper, watercolor, gouache, 11x17x1 inches

Herring Gull Attack in Paper, 2020, Paper, watercolor, gouache, 11x17x1 inches

Posted on: May 17, 2020
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With jagged claws and a tanned leather tricorn, a Scottish terrier raids the seas searching for delicious bird eggs. He disrupts calm waters and tricks small birds, but finds himself in a strange predicament after chasing an enormous albatross, leading him into the middle of a global pollution problem.

Using white porcelain as my canvas, I wanted to create a three dimensional illustrated story where narratives and characters were inspired by my reverence for the natural world. The final work had two products - one being the ceramic item as a sculptural object and the other being the ceramic pieces individually photographed and printed into a thirty-two page book with text for children, binding descriptive text with the imagery. Because of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, I was unable to finish my thesis in the ceramic medium so I started again, using cut watercolor paper, watercolor, and gouache to tell the story. Not all of the original page illustrations were able to be completed but these are the ones I did before the end of the semester, beginning with the original ceramic pieces and ending with the end of semester paper pieces.

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Paulina Zuckerman

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BFA Alumni

Major: Ceramics

Graduation Year: 2020

Artist Statement:

As an illustrator, I use materials that range from watercolor paper, to gouache, to porcelain. Using about animals and modern environmental issues, I am looking to create stories which offer a perspective on the anthropocene that can be understood by generations growing up. By combining the two dimensional language of illustration with three dimensional clay and paper, I am carving the space to make work that is both sculptural and draws from high relief. Ultimately, my goal is for my art to tell stories that transition seamlessly and elegantly from the two-dimensional world into a space in which they provide a weight and tangibility to the complicated intersection of human and natural ecosystems.