A Home in My Fever Dream Silk Robe

Posted on: October 27, 2020
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A Home in My Fever Dream is a hand printed and hand made silk robe which is the synthesis of a series of textile printing explorations into expressing planes of consciousness and overlapping mental and hormonal states. Wild, silly, and bold patterned silk-screened shapes pop and drift over a sea of mono-printed soft washes of red, orange, and yellow. These layers intersect with each other and the body as the robe is draped across a form. The effect is dizzying, but welcoming. Lurid, but soft. The juxtaposition of these materials and treatments push lucidity just out of reach, as in a dream, or a state of distress. Thus the wearer of A Home in My Fever Dream is just that: caught, disturbed, in a warm and hospitable place.

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Ariel Ferrel

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Graduation Year: 2021