Easily Excited By Shadows

Posted on: April 4, 2021
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Easily Excited By Shadows implies the lyrical skeleton of a form drawn in the air with steel rods. In this work, contrasting scales of the larger and smaller objects reveal several narratives: students and teacher, an alien and its babies, or some sort of animalistic beings in a ritual performance. Tension emerges in the frozen area a moment before the touch of the points of the steel and shadow feet. The black lines created through light being blocked by the metal skeleton-like sculptures reach out into the installation expanding the work into the surrounding area.

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Julia Baugh

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MFA Student

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 2021

Artist Statement:

The cycle of decay is a complex operation that allows the sharing of atoms between all living things in a closed system. Julia Baugh's current work explores the wonder and beauty found in this recycling process. Representations of the decomposition cycle emerge as indescribable organ-like masses and skeletal framed structures. Bacterial craters, patterned mold growth, and putrescent marbling are abstracted into vivid colors, fuzzy textures, and wandering ornamentation on the fake beings. These fictitious and decaying organisms are adorned with a myriad of mediums like dark-rainbow hued fabrics, lustered ceramic baubles, and sparkling plastic jewels. The material and visual elements embellished on Baugh’s sculptural work give the viewer a place to pause and linger on the subject of decay.