Hodgepodge of Porjects

A project from my sophomore year, where we had to model and UV paint our favorite breakfast. I chose french toast and eggs. The plate ended up being a little too big, but It's still one of my favorite texturing projects!

From one of my junior year majors projects. Based on an isometric drawing that I had done the project before of my character's bedroom. It was my first time 3D modeling in almost a year at that point.

Screenshot from a collaborative project, from my junior year. In a team of six, we divided up different tasks. I helped in making the different assets (ei. the crystals), while also helping other's with texturing of their models, and making sure the texture maps and UVs were all set for in game renders!

Posted on: November 3, 2021
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These are projects that I worked on, but don't have enough meat and bones of screenshots to have their own section. Will be updating, and moving things around when I have more available. Check out the captions of the images to know more about each project!

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