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Posted on: October 10, 2015
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1. Pinwheel, 2015, Nickle and Horsehair, 2x2x2�
2. Idiotâ??s Delight, 2015, Horsehair and Brass, 12x5x18â?
3. Leather Neckpiece 1, 2015, Cut Leather and Sterling Silver, 8x3x8�
4. Release the Hounds, 2015, Cut Leather and Sterling Silver, 4x5x36�
5. Fox Brooch (from Release the Hounds), 2015, Cut Leather and Sterling Silver, 2x1x1/16�
6. Studio Portrait

Katelyn Drake

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BFA Alumni

Major: Ceramics

Artist Statement:

Being raised in a rural community shaped my worldview and sensibilities. A constant component and passion has been the horse. I am continually astounded by the power and grace of a twelve-hundred-pound

animal and its willingness to partner and listen with me. The feel of sinew and muscle beneath velvet soft skin and hair, the smell of hay, sweat and leather all entrance me as I forge a strong bond with this partner. The celebration of this bond is attained through the use of their hair as the medium for the work. The jewelry form takes on a talismanic expression, a surrogate for the horse. Plaits of long hair, braided lengths, combined with silk, gold and pearls, construct a visual language, which provides a tangible representation of the horse. Fashioning these vestiges into jewelry serves as a tether back to the stable.