My underwear has been on inside out all day and the food sucks here

Posted on: April 12, 2016
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My thesis body of work is titled My underwear has been on inside out all day and the food sucks here. It is a culmination of my process based practice. My goal in making work is to make objects that are alluring, but have an edge that can leave a bad taste in someoneā??s mouth. The duality of attraction and revulsion has become central to my practice because of its ability to hold the viewer's gaze and interest. My study of abjection lead my practice into a deeper awareness of how I define and reveal my understanding of the aesthetic judgements of beauty, ugliness and the grotesque. Through the discipline of painting, I used the sense of place and theme of an all you can eat buffet gone wrong to explore how I connect with the ideas of adornment, humor and disgust. With the curation of these works, my goal was to create an ambiguous narrative that gives hints to what went wrong at the buffet. I am drawn to the buffet as subject matter not only because of the possibility of extremely mediocre food and a lack of sanitation, but also because of the seemingly unlimited combinations of food that cater towards all desires.

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Hannah Boone

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BFA Student

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2016

Artist Statement:

Focusing on vanity and self obsession, my work speaks to discomfort in contemporary culture. Defining a warped sense of luxury, the work is uses the transformation of found objects into beautiful items and the use of faux luxurious objects to address our narcissistic tendencies. In these situations, sex becomes a vehicle for humor and playfulness. I reference bodily forms, use fetishistic displays of the tactile objects and use adult toys out of context.

At its core, my work explores a hybrid way of working as well as my relationship to painting as a discipline. Hybridity becomes a way in which I can explore a multitude of formats without separation. I use painting as a lense through which I interpret my sculptural and installation based work.