Posted on: April 13, 2016
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My thesis body of work is an exploration of industrial fabrication and the connections that I have made between objects and desire. Through the utilization of ready-made assemblage, repetitive mark making and color, I have produced a collection of studies that illustrate the duality between an inviting tactility and a mechanical austere. Aside from the conventional painting materials and processes, these objects are comprised of the detritus of industry and commercialism. My intent with these pieces is to induce a viewer to contemplate what makes a manufactured product appealing.

Image List from Top to Bottom:

1. "Mohegan Sun", oil, acrylic and tape on maple, 27.5 x 22 in
2. "Ooze", acrylic, liquid latex and an air hose connector on panel, 9 x 6 in
3. "Leak", oil, liquid latex, and a Romex connector on panel, 10 x 5.5 in
4. "Right", acrylic and tape on maple, 28 x 32 in
5. "Tru-Flate", acrylic, oil, liquid latex, PSI tire gauge bleeder valve and flow control valve on panel, 9 x 6 in
6. "Saddle", oil, spray paint and copper pipe saddles on panel, 6 x 6 in

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Patrick Stavens

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BFA Alumni

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2016

Artist Statement:

Defacement is something that is typically inadvertent and undesired. Despite how unappealing a worn surface may be, its current state embodies character and the passing of time. My practice focuses on uncovering beauty found in the blemishes of architecture. I draw influence from interior spaces and odd textures that arise on mundane surfaces. Through a process of material manipulation and painting, I craft objects that are tactile and dimensional. Because of these qualities, my work is alluring and deceptive. What I produce is a by-product of a cathartic process of accepting physical flaws. My artwork makes space for these flaws to exist within and not be overlooked.