Thesis Work 2016

Flower Basket

Large Basket

Chopstick Bowl

Herb Planter

Oval Serving Dish

Compartment Jar

Square Serving Dish

Diamond Serving Dish

Removable Planters with Tray

Diamond Planter

Posted on: April 14, 2016
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We often overlook the presence of an everyday object. Daily routines can begin to blend our days together and make us unaware of the importance of what surrounds us day to day. The use of handmade ceramics can heighten these daily routines and offer introspection. Incorporating pottery into our lives also provides a level of comfort through repeated use and memories. Cooking and serving a meal becomes more of an intimate and connected experience with each dish showing the hand of the maker. I am fascinated by various domestic and functional objects. My influences stem from historical makers and movements to contemporary ones that are often speaking to the same idea. Old traditions that are resurfacing in current times create a new dialogue for contemporary makers. I make functional wares for the home, including tableware, serving vessels, and planters. I create my pieces in a fast√?¬≠paced and compulsive yet careful manner, often working on multiple pieces at a time. I surface my pots in a visceral way, using instinctual and intuitive marks to portray abstract visuals. I want to convey not only the function within my work but a feeling of connectedness and beauty through interaction with pottery.

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Allie Stack

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BFA Alumni

Major: Ceramics

Graduation Year: 2016

Artist Statement:

We live within the confines of a monotonous robotic schedule, and my pottery is an attempt to reclaim attentive conversation within the everyday. Every object I make is a vehicle for food, plants, or household objects. There are subtle irregularities within the work due to the way each piece is handled and the marks chosen to remove versus those that are embraced. I want to convey not only the function within my work but a feeling of connectedness and beauty through interaction with pottery.

Our belongings act as scattered remnants of our personalities. Within our culture we are characterized by what we choose to own. For me, what I own has a memory or history behind it, creating a sentimental relationship between that object and myself. Each piece of pottery can inherently record a memory or moment every time we choose to use it.

A love letter to food: My love of cooking informs the way I make my pottery. I am absorbed by function and am constantly contemplating the containment within. The playful quality of my work advises my concepts of celebration, presentation, and togetherness. These objects exist to be used. The simplicity of eating a meal with a loved one creates an ongoing conversation with the user. I would like to think of the food and drinks contained, plated and served on my work as the final product.