Double Vision

Double Vision

One Half or One Whole

To Share The Same Face

Posted on: April 22, 2016
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Because I am unfamiliar what it's like to not be a twin, I've never truly questioned how unique a twinship experience is. I have always been aware that my relationship with my sister, Sophie, holds a significant place in my life, but I wanted to know what about being an identical twin makes our bond such an anomaly. Double Vision is a platform in which I explore this experience. The results of these explorations are documented through a series of posters, two zines, a project book, and supporting print pieces. My research examines family, self, and public perceptions of twins, the rich phenomenon of being an identical twin, and the importance of my bond with my sister. Insight and information was collected through conversations and interviews with family members, friends, other twins, the public, and, of course, my sister. The work I have made is all in response to my findings from these resources. Visuals chosen and created are inspired by the scientific aspect of twindom, as well as the constant comparing and contrasting that comes with it.

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