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Posted on: April 24, 2016
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I created this thesis based on my compassion to bunnies everywhere. After doing extensive research on bunnies and conducting many interviews with other bunny owners, I came to the conclusion that people are generally unaware of how to take care of a rabbit. Given how common rabbits are in households, it's shocking how uneducated people are about proper diets, environments, and other important factors that are valuable in a rabbit's life. Due to common myths passed down over the years, people often believe that rabbits are easy "first-starter pets" or Easter presents, which is far from the truth. I created this installation for the welfare of all bunnies in our community. I want to teach people how they can bond with their bunny and take good care of it. I want to express how delightful and friendly a bunny can be when just given time and patience to let them open up. I want to show people bunnies are amazing pets: please learn.

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Graduation Year: 2016