On Becoming - 2016 Thesis

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Posted on: May 3, 2016
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The garments presented in my thesis collection are expressions of one path to maturity - a path of understanding and acceptance of self.

The process of maturing is one that happens to every human being, multiple times in one?s life. Every life stage must be examined with sensitivity and from various perspectives in order for individuals to expand into their genuine selves. At times we hide behind the shields we put around ourselves. As we move through transitions that allow us to grow and change our guards will break down. Layers must be shed so that we can be open to the process of becoming. Each of us has a unique color, shape, and texture that should be celebrated.

We all have potential.

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Ashley Wernher-Collins

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BFA Alumni

Major: Textile & Fashion Design

Graduation Year: 2016

Artist Statement:

All individuals are impacted by the passage of time and human experience. There is no identical path of growth or change. Our position at any one moment is shaped by our emotions, relationships, and interactions. We have the choice to embrace or hide who we are. Our actions, coupled with garments, present us with a decision to represent ourselves in what can be a truly personal and meaningful way.

My inspirations evolve primarily from emotional and physical experiences throughout my adulthood. I am moved by moments that indicate the passage of time, transformation, reflection, and connection. Each garment’s custom silhouette, material, and construction articulate these realities. While I maintain an overall sensitivity to color, pattern, and texture, I intentionally incorporate design surprises in my work. I utilize sculptural materials, interrupted patterns, slits, folds, and gathers to move people on visual and tactile journeys. The discovery of small, intricate details in larger, more complex worlds is part of the joy of living.