Infinite Monotone

Posted on: May 6, 2016
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I am playing with the idea of how ‚??average life‚?Ě ties in to the way we interact with each other. The relationships I am surrounded by and participate in are major influences. The contrasting opinions, relationships and underlying sexual tension that trickles between everyone is a rich source of inspiration for this work. I work within handmade books that combine written prose with photographs.This creates a narrative for the viewer to immerse themselves in. The books allow the viewer to participate in the plot, to feel the pages, crumple them, flip back and forth to create their own narrative. My work serves as a representation of my relationships as well as a platform for discussions on relationships overall. The varying points of view of human connections are the main source of inspiration in my work. What transpires between two people when they are in a relationship and how it is affected by social or personal stigmas fascinates me. I am interested in the ideas of control, affection, identity, victimization, sex and acceptance that happen in relationships. I work with text and imagery to create situations that force the viewers to pick sides and explore their own ideas of what is acceptable or not when it comes to people interacting. My work is very rhythmic and sensual. Tactility, manipulability and rich imagery (both photographic and written word) are very important. I want to completely engulf the viewer with emotions and reactions.

Grace Gregory

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Major: Photography

Graduation Year: 2016