Re-designed, Through A Maine State Of Mind

Joint Bracelet

Paddle Earrings

Anchor Necklace

Lobster Necklace

Sailboat Necklace

Rock Ring

Cliff Cufflinks

Hook Bracelet

Link Bracelet

Posted on: April 28, 2017
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Designed and influenced by coastal culture, I set off to create pieces of adornment for the local community. Each work possesses the essence of locality through a humble approach, thoughtful design, and attention toward detail.

Cody Williams

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BFA Student

Major: Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

Memories of everyday centers the practice. The objective is to adorn with objects relative to those associated with everyday moments of midcoast Maine life. The inspirational content of this work is surrounding the locale of my hometown, Northport, Maine. The personal connection I have with this area is through my upbringing. I find inspiration within the landscape, location, and original memories I possess. I approach this matter modestly, taking care not to over conceptualize the subject matter. It is a combination of nostalgic hints of my past and significance of one's roots. A crucial aspect is the notion of a simple way of life, and the challenges along the way. This humbly grounds me in an appreciation of this location which is significant, through the concept of craft and design. I discovered that my approach needed to be executed technically, and conceptually. I do not over conceptualize the subject matter, thus I approach the matter in a modest manner. I make connections between Maine, and its natural properties. To me this represents being true to ones roots, and appreciation of original location. Humble approaches to this matter are displayed within the concept and craft.