Senior Thesis - Kinder Garden

A Single Page Spread in which the Sower plucks a baby from the nursery bed.

A Double Page Spread depicting the Sower's small cottage and greenhouse in the forest.

The Sower and Turnip in the greenhouse with a seed.

Color studies of The Sower and Turnip.

Turnip tries on the Sower's sunhat.

The Sower's Turnaround

Turnip's Turnaround

Posted on: May 4, 2017
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In a greenhouse deep in the forest there lives a woman known only as "The Sower" whose job it is to grow children. People travel great distances to give her a seed to plant in her nursery. She loves and nurtures them, and when they are ready, she plucks the babies out of the ground and returns them to their parents. She does this with hundreds of seeds, hundreds of children, and with each she gives away, she is reminded of her own lonely life. One day a couple returns to her green house with a baby she?d grown the day before. Leaves had sprouted from the child?s head, and the parents angrily demand that something be done about it. The Sower agrees to trim the leaves but warns the parents that they may grow back, and if they do, that they must accept their daughter as she is. However, the next day, a basket is left on her doorstep with a child sleeping inside, tiny new leaves growing from her crown. The Sower, thinking of her empty greenhouse, takes the child into her home, and raises her as her own. But when the child grows older, and sees babies one after another go home with happy parents, she wonders why she was left behind. Seeing her child?s insecurities, and feeling the need to reassure her, The Sower weaves greens into her sun hat and tells her child that though she may not be her real mother, she loves her very much, leaves and all.

Annelise Zeender

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Major: Illustration

Graduation Year: 2017