A Field Guide to the Dintangle

Forest Spirit, 2016, wool, wire armature

The Dintangle, 2017, Sculpey clay, wood, wire, wool, fabric, paint

The Dintangle- Close-up of a Dyud and its Halinar

The Dintangle- Close-up of Boggos Hunting a Marine Antelope

The Dintangle- Creature Nook

Purp, 2016, wool

Halinar, 2017, wool, wire armature

Some Common Organisms of the Dintangle, 2017, digital painting

Posted on: May 9, 2017
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A study of an environment known as the Dintangle, a coastal jungle recognized for its unique flora and fauna. It is here presented as a small diorama that showcases a few common local organisms. Accompanying the diorama are a few captured specimens from the area.

Brenna Pasieka

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BFA Alumni

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

I see worlds in my head. I mold and shape them until they are inhabitable by the creatures of my realities and dreams. They exist within an uncanny place where we and these beings can coexist. This new reality seems wonderfully mysterious, engulfing us with endless possibilities for life. There can be any number of magical creatures hiding under leaves in the forest, just above the clouds, or at the bottom of a lake. I aim to study these new worlds and present them to the viewer in a fun and engaging manner. With any luck, these new discoveries will bring a smile to an observer's face.