Posted on: May 10, 2017
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This project began with illustrations from an ongoing narrative about a young girl named Ayan and where she fits into society. Within her story I explore themes like bullying and transformation. Relating those themes to garments I thought about how could my Illustration inform my garments. What happened is a focus on one part of Ayan and about her transformation. What makes Ayan different is an ability to connect spiritually to animals, but in order to do this she must go through a ritualistic transformation in which death brings about new life. Each garment is a step in this, moving from a tight and tailored piece which I consider closer to human and moving into something frayed at the edges, decayed and weathered by nature. My illustrations gave me a window into Ayan?s character which then started me thinking about how the clothing was telling the story.

The inspiration for garment shape comes from bird feathers, bringing Ayan into an animal, but I needed her to blend in which evoked my want to make all of these garments from suiting wool and allow them to blend into a business or working environment.

Photography is by Amie E.

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Nicole Waller

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BFA Student

Major: Textile & Fashion Design

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

Nature holds a rich vocabulary of colors and shapes that enrich my textile and fashion design. I am interested in how nature ornaments itself; raindrops on a fall leaf, or the radiolarian; the intricate mineral skeleton of shells. The complex structures and vast array of colors inspire me. I’m drawn to overly decorative or beautiful cluttered pieces that hold simple lines, break from predictability, and elegantly enhance the silhouette not specific to gender stereotypes.
I seek wonder and question in my work; to engage the viewer and confront subjects like Anxiety. I rouse emotion that I want the viewer to connect with; take them with me on a journey through shape, texture, and sound. Within a piece I develop characters, ushering both the fantastical and ethereal into reality while dreaming a world in which these garments could exist as every day ware.