Emma Richards Thesis Portfolio

What’s In the Dark is in Us (Detail)

Playthings Cone 04 Red Clay, Jersey Fabric, Wire, Acrylic ≈ 3’ x 2’ 2017

What’s In the Dark is in Us Cone 5/6 White Clay, Jersey Fabric, Wood, Acrylic, Found Materials ≈ 4’ x 4’ 2017

Mom and Dad Cone 5/6 White Clay, Jersey Fabric, Acrylic, Found Materials ≈ 6’ x 3’ 2017

Mom and Dad (Detail)

Posted on: May 11, 2017
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In my work I explore psychology and how in our formative years we metamorphose. The way I choose to do this is through allegorical arrested narratives in which the child form is the primary player. I utilize the child, or child-like forms and imagery because I am fascinated with the duality of perceived innocence of childhood and the reality of human nature. For my thesis work, I wanted to explore specifically the tendency of children (and humans in general) to anthropomorphize inanimate objects�??�?? specifically stuffed companions�??�?? and how that projection of human characteristics shapes ones understanding of self and surroundings.

Emma Richards

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BFA Alumni

Major: Ceramics

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by children, their development into adults and the ensuing implications of religion, social constructs, and intrinsic human nature. This fascination drives me to better grasp the metamorphosis into adulthood. I also delve into other related themes of childhood, such as the nature of innocence, corruption, growth, anthropomorphism and wonder.
I utilize the human figure and iconography commonly used in children’s stories to create moments of arrested narratives. A fanciful scenario. These narratives function as allegories, a “frieze” possessing a cherubic creepiness that places the viewer in a state of unease. This uncanny feeling will feasibly allow the viewer to rethink elements of their own upbringing and what it is to become a person.