Florence Museum Map Network

Network Map Side 1

Museum Network Connection Side 2

Posted on: June 22, 2017
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While studying abroad in Florence, Italy, I was given the task of creating illustrations for a pamphlet that would highlight a network of museums. These five museums include the Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Cappelle Medicee, Orsanmichele, Casa Martelli, and Palazzo Davanzati. The history and artwork included in these museums not only tells the story of their own connection and history, but also the history of Florence. I chose colors and icons to describe these relationships, and to create a map which is both useful in its accuracy to their real locations, but also accurate in the histories behind each of their pasts.

Side 1: Size: 24cm x 21cm
Media: Colored Pencil on Illustration Board

Side 2: Size: 40cm x 20cm
Media: colored pencil on illustration board

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Tyler Eldridge

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Artist Statement:

Tyler is an Illustration and Graphic Design major who enjoys telling stories. He hopes that his work provokes people to consider the special moments in life and to contemplate reality beyond one's daily routine.