Paper Work

Close Up, 2017, 40x40 inches, paper

Dark Teritorry, 2017, 60x50x8 inches, paper construction

Dark Territory-detail, 2017, 45x58x8 inches, paper

Trophy, 2017, 48x32x5 inches, paper

Wedge, 2016, 60x50x30 inches, paper

Pelt, 2017, 65x40x20 inches, paper construction

Posted on: September 15, 2017
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paper construction, black paint

Lenka Konopasek

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MFA Alumni

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2001

Artist Statement:

My paper constructions are explorations into a theme of natural and manmade disaster I have been exploring for the last several years in my work. This theme emerged from my own personal anxieties as well as the world events.

Even though carnage from a natural disaster or war is disturbing and damaging, brute force and brutality can be intoxicating and seductive. I translate these images into more abstract objects with prickly textures and complex structures. My sculptures are constructed from various paper parts resembling architectural elements. Every part is painstakingly hand made and assembled into larger installation. I like working with paper for its fragility and accessibility. It is a common material with a long history that can be manipulated in many different ways.

I am interested in assembling and breaking down structures creating scenes and objects bristling with tension somewhere between beautiful and dangerous.