Tawny Cantor


BFA Alumni

Major: Graphic Design

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

Thanks to capitalism and consumerism we can’t go a day without seeing some form of advertising that manipulates our emotions in one way or another. Whether it is good or bad, I am highly interested in this emotional and psychological side of graphic design. With my work I want to evoke an emotional response from people, whether it be a smile, anger or discomfort.

As of late I have been questioning what makes a successful brand. As consumers in a capitalist society we are constantly bombarded with advertisements and brand information. I am curious as to what makes certain brands more recognizable or beloved than others. Is a franchise’s branding successful because of the story it tells or because of quality design? In my thesis I explore this further as I use my own work to test the balance between design and visual storytelling.


Tawny Cantor is a graphic designer and photographer hailing from Southern Maine. Currently attending Maine College of Art for her BFA in Graphic Design, she works with a variety of tools to create books, posters, motion graphics, and photographic series. With a strong interest in emotional content and the human mind, Tawny enjoys creating identity systems and advertising with the intent to evoke a strong response.