Khayman Clancy


BFA Student

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2020


Khayman Clancy is an animator and game artist from New York. He’s currently attending Maine College of Art and will receive his Bachelor’s degree and Music minor in May of 2020. Khayman is a multifaceted artist who experiments with many different mediums and techniques in his work. During his school career he has found a passion for costume design and stop motion fabrication. Khayman has received awards and recognition in MECA’s 2019 Film Festival, Art All Night - Trenton: 7th Annual Film Festival, and 60 Seconds or Less Video Festival for his collaborative stop motion short film Mable and the Wolf. As well as being an artist he is also a talented musician. He composes his own music for his animations and games, as well as for others. His goal for the future is work in the stop motion field as a costume designer or puppet fabricator.
Instagram: @khaymanclancy