From the Ashes

From the Ashes Gameplay Demo, 2020

From the Ashes Production, 2020

Dracula Concept, 2020, Photoshop, 5100x2879

Dracula Head, 2020, Photoshop, 2400 x 1252

Dracula Full Size, 2020, Photoshop, 3300 x 5100

Dracula Outfit Designs, 2020, Photoshop, 5016 x 2928

Dracula Puppet, 2020, Wire/Sculpy/Silicone/Fabric, 3720 x 3488

From the Ashes Process, 2020

Posted on: May 14, 2020
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From the Ashes is a game about love, loss, and moving forward. By taking inspiration from creators such as Tim Burton and LAIKA the purpose of this project was to portray a character based narrative with a serious yet whimsical tone using all of the skills I have acquired during my college career. My goal was to create an experimental game demo featuring stop motion elements to create an aesthetically unique game. In the style of a point and click adventure game you control Dracula just after his wife has died of old age as he moves through his home. Environmental storytelling is used to gather bits and pieces of information about his life and to imply a much larger story to unfold in the future. This demo is meant to be the foundation and pitch for a much larger ambition.

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