Elliott HB


BFA Alumni

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2021

Artist Statement:

My main focus is on telling stories through interactive and time-based media such as animation and video games. I have a heavy focus in visual development and specialize in character design and storyboarding. I also enjoy writing dialogue and voice acting.


Elliott is a hardworking and passionate artist, voice actor, and animator. They specialize in character illustration and design, boarding, writing, animatic, visdev, and overall feel most confident being part of the animation and video game pre-production pipeline. They also love developing their own stories and worlds and when not at work are often daydreaming up potential series, scenarios, and worlds. They also have a background in musical theatre and were a dedicated member of Thespians in high school which assists them with their character performance and voice acting skills. Elliott also enjoys hobbies such as making and playing music (mostly on bass guitar and vocals), cosplaying, and playing video games. You’ll also find them spending a lot of time with their cat, Bella.

Portfolio site: birblings.com
Add me on social media @birblings!