Worlds Apart

Posted on: May 10, 2021
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For my thesis, I wanted to explore the idea of interactive storytelling, particularly through the world of video games. Ever since I was a little kid, I would imagine myself in the worlds of various media I enjoyed- whether it be animation, video games, books, etc. I would often imagine what I would do if I were in the main character's shoes. Through my visual novel game, Worlds Apart, I hope the audience can do the same with the main character, Maia. If not her, I hope they see a little bit of themselves in any of the characters and embrace that youthful sense of wonder and imagination as they explore the world and are faced with different scenarios and challenges. I hope for the Worlds Apart to one day be an expansive universe that covers multiple types of media, not just games.

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Elliott HB

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BFA Alumni

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2021

Artist Statement:

My main focus is on telling stories through interactive and time-based media such as animation and video games. I have a heavy focus in visual development and specialize in character design and storyboarding. I also enjoy writing dialogue and voice acting.