Deanna Jacome


MFA Student

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2023

Artist Statement:

Deanna Jacome is a painter with an interdisciplinary approach. She creates painting objects alongside weavings, fiber and mixed-media collages. She is interested in the materiality of paint and fibers in relation to surface and the accumulation of shapes. Her work is driven by concepts of color, in reference to its opticality and its perceptual and pictorial nature. These concepts and formal considerations express the warmth, intimacy, and transformation which occurs from her mindful experiences in nature and the everyday experience of place. Light is employed as both her subject and as medium to represent time, transition and depth of suffering as well as joy. The stitching, glueing and painting of colored shapes next to one another is what accumulates to the creation of her emotive landscapes.


Deanna Jacome was born in NH, and has spent her creative life in Salem, MA and Burlington, VT. She now resides here in Portland, ME as an MFA candidate in Studio Fine Arts at MECA&D. She received her BFA from Montserrat College of Art in Book Arts and Art Education in 2015.
She is a painter with an interdisciplinary approach. Her primary mediums of painting, fibers, and book arts are seen as one through the lens of painting and materiality. Her Ecuadorian heritage is at the root of her pursuit of fiber arts where she pursues natural dyeing, embroidery, and weaving as a way to intertwine her identity of place from both New England and South America.
Her most prominent published works are, The Crystal Universe Deck, created with author, Grace Harrington Murdoch in 2021, and her series of writings featured in Seamwork Magazine.. Her life as an artist and arts educator fuels her passion of activating the innate creativity within others and love of the process of making. She has taught children on the spectrum, run workshops across artistic disciplines, co-run a nature art preschool and now enjoys her role as a TA at MECA&D. She strives to teach painting at the collegiate level while pursuing her arts practice in the woods of Vermont.