Below II

Inside Bob Crewe Window shot

Below II, acrylic painting, stretched on pine, measures 70

Congress Street View

Posted on: December 6, 2021
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This work was created with focus on its pictorial, perceptual and optical representation.
What began as a portrait of the tree with its decaying mother tree at its feet, turned into an investigation of light. I am deeply interested in light as a medium to represent time, transition and depth of suffering as well as joy. The act of looking as a contemplative act is essential in its creation and is expressed through its pictorial rendering. This painting is at once a perceptual experience and a representation. I have begun to focus on the shimmer effect, which happens within the edges between shapes, by integrating temperature and saturation into my work, which previously only focused on value. Color has been employed to showcase volume and depth, as well as spaces that are flat, working together optically. The creation of this work has helped me see my paintings as spaces to enter, as portals into interconnectedness with ourselves, the natural world and vulnerability with one another.

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Deanna Jacome

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MFA Student

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2023

Artist Statement:

Deanna Jacome is a painter with an interdisciplinary approach. She creates painting objects alongside weavings, fiber and mixed-media collages. She is interested in the materiality of paint and fibers in relation to surface and the accumulation of shapes. Her work is driven by concepts of color, in reference to its opticality and its perceptual and pictorial nature. These concepts and formal considerations express the warmth, intimacy, and transformation which occurs from her mindful experiences in nature and the everyday experience of place. Light is employed as both her subject and as medium to represent time, transition and depth of suffering as well as joy. The stitching, glueing and painting of colored shapes next to one another is what accumulates to the creation of her emotive landscapes.