Seed Pod Necklace #2

Posted on: September 18, 2017
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Sterling silver, copper, enamel; electroformed, enameled
Photo by Jim Escalante

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Chloe Darke

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BFA Alumni

Major: Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Graduation Year: 2011

Artist Statement:

I am drawn to organic forms that are at once both beautiful and repulsive, such as fungi and microorganisms. I find these forms fascinating in that they repeat themselves both in nature and our own bodies; a multitude of bacteria and flora are reminiscent of human organs and genitalia.

I am also interested in how everyday tools and utensils are made curious when rendered in materials derived from the insect kingdom, such as the silk excreted by a silkworm. Jewelry and utensils serve as the vehicle through which I explore the relationship that develops between the alien world of microorganisms and the familiar world of the human body.