2018 Triennial

Blue Leaf (c) P. Haller 2016

Hoola Hoop (c) P.Haller

Kitchen Sink (c.) P. Haller

Orono (c.) P. Haller

Atmospheric #1 (c.) P. Haller

Atmospheric #2 (c.) P. Haller

Atmospheric#3 (c.) P. Haller

Posted on: September 29, 2017
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My submission represents examples of two current threads in my work; one, are large, 3-D "constructions" composed of cloth, plaster, styrofoam, wood, sheetrock and mixed media/found objects. The second are black, white and gray tonal paintings I'm labeling "atmospherics" that include wax resist techniques, ink, crayons, collage and various paints on plexiglass and vinyl board.

Peter Haller

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BFA Alumni

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 1980

Artist Statement:

“As if for a moment, I have
agreed with the Universe”

Raising myself seemed completely normal. There’s was no question that something larger than myself was supporting me. Or, is that the Faith I stand on?

The tension rests in the primal, fierce, in and organic relationship between mortal self and the divine being of Truth and Faith.
I have just recently received certainty that I am welding together my transforming, uncertain and groundless man. So at the place I am today, I don’t make art, art makes me.

My essential divine energy is what fuels my process in the studio. It’s quite apparent by my interaction with my pieces, when that energy is free flowing and when it is not. Recognizing artistic expression as an element of my spirituality instantly unified the outer action of making and the inner flow that shapes the message

By “divine” I mean fundamental, not necessarily religiously inspired, although it can be. That connection between hand, eye and Soul directly feeds the freshness.

Through synchronicity of presence and the dance of physically making combinations for the overall composition, I eventually come to a place of rest, as if for a moment, I have agreed with the Universe.

If open and true in my process, the constructions will invite you into a space of communion, perhaps harmony, but if not, then at the very least a inner dialogue.

Maybe per chance some memory, delight or tension will come up for you. I hope so, because from there your mind can imagine your story and you will wonder what attracted you to this work in the beginning.