THE MUSEUM: The Sisyphean Scientist

Posted on: April 1, 2018
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The Sisyphean Scientist

Today we are going to visit the mysterious scientist's secret office. He is originally hired by NASA, but was fired because he is not a team player. Slowly, he was said to be gone crazy. Passing away 5 years ago, and recently his secret office was discovered, the Museum kept everything the same, providing you the 100 percent experience. Without further ado, please take out your ticket, and enjoy his room.

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Prudence Ho

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BFA Student

Major: Painting

Graduation Year: 2019

Artist Statement:

To infinity and beyond -- not Buzz Aldrin.

My work is presenting my explorations on topics I like, Ufology, conspiracies, mythology and religion. Yes, I love aliens and Jesus. No, I am not involved with any cult. Side Note : I also love dinosaurs and Star Wars.
As 21st Century homo sapiens, we encounter archives in a daily basis, the Internet. I see internet and museums both like cloud computing. I explore institutional critique, museums in contemporary world, and how are Internet and museums involved in history.
I play with installations and displays, using mostly found objects, made objects and drawings, I linger in between history and present era, playing with apocryphal narrative.
Trying to be living on Earth simply is not enough for me, I investigate in creating Alter Egos, expanding my lifes, also bringing them, so-call alive, to audiences, through my work.
Also, I am building a time machine, please contact me if you know how. One seat only, don’t come asking for a ride.