Mining the Archive

Posted on: April 10, 2018
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From Paul Virilio's Aesthetics of Disappearance, ‚??There is a tendency to patch up sequences, readjusting their contours to make equivalents out of what the picnoleptic has seen and what he has not been able to see, what he remembers and what, evidently, he cannot remember and that it is necessary to invent, to recreate, in order to lend verisimilitude to his discursus.‚?Ě Taking a step away from scientific and psychological research about memories, childhood trauma, and the brain, I focused on researching artists that use process and the archive to inform this body of work. I am interested in my role as the one who simultaneously causes destruction and preserves these photographs. There‚??s a pushing and pulling of recklessness and cautiousness.

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