Remembering the Intentionally Forgotten

Posted on: April 19, 2017
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This work is the latest iteration in a series of work that attempts to make sense of the trauma and abuse that I endured as a child.

Recalling these memories and writing them down simultaneously intensifies them and presents a freedom to let them go. The scale provides an opportunity for the viewer to acknowledge the massive weight and potency of these memories while creating a space where the content of the text is illegible. It no longer becomes about the specific text and content of these traumatic events and is rather about the experience of trauma as a whole.

I?m interested in my own experiences of trauma being such a present yet undefinable thing in my life; I am so acutely aware of its impact in my life yet it seems as though it was a dream or didn?t really happen to me. That dream like state informs the material and palette of the work, as these painful memories take on ethereal forms that are hard to grasp.

This installation highlights these conflicting thoughts and feelings through a quiet presentation of an unnerving process of personal reflection.

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Nicole Hisey

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