Posted on: April 27, 2018
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In my thesis project, I chose to revisit a character I had created in my Sophomore year here at MECA The bird character I chose to make into a costume is named Po! He is apart of a 3-person adventure group with his two friends Bardana (sassy reptile rogue) and Hikori (Yak-man warrior). Po plays the role of a bard in his group by supporting his friends as they continue their adventures. Po's design is heavily influenced by my own personal interests in mythology (specifically the Tengu Yokai) and more recent interpretations in Dungeons and Dragons Kenku characters.

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Sami Monoxelos

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BFA Student

Major: Illustration

Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement:

I am a lover of monsters, fantasy, and adventure! I strive to make my work fun and exciting through the means of illustration, costumery, mold-making, and media I attempt to explore.
After MECA, I am excited to start my career in the tattoo industry and I look forward to continue my current focuses through a future online store and conventions!