Posted on: April 28, 2018
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Cinematic storytelling is a series of deliberate choices that utilize camera framework, color theory, timing, and character placement to provoke audiences into critically thinking about the content and underlying messages that the film presents. In my work, I want to portray a fun and memorable experience that is dynamic in all of these facets; presenting many ideas in a metaphorical manner that intrigue audiences to garner new perspectives and challenge their own assumptions. Bottled is a short film that depicts the topic of asexual relationships, visually representing the complex emotions and identity finding that arises from these situations. Starting from a script, to storyboards, and then full animation, Bottled is a fully produced ode to my favorite stories that showcases an often forgotten and misunderstood identity.

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Tori Lambert

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BFA Alumni

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2018

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