Hungry Hungry Hippocrates Sizzle Reel

Posted on: May 1, 2020
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A compilation of the best installments of the doctors antics from the past year or so. Various styles of cartoon are included, reflecting the growth of the series.

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Jeremy D Owen

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MFA Student

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2020

Artist Statement:

Jeremy Owen is a cartoonist whose work uses dark humor and the themes and symbols of the shadow self to enlighten and entertain. He uses humor, derision and existential philosophy to self-deprecate and critique culture through his three cartoons Hungry Hungry Hippocrates, Sidewalk Pirates and The Brothers Cerebellov. These each live respectively in their own cartoon universe and are made using single panel gag cartoons, animation and surreal painting. Jeremy has received the Martin Wong Scholarship in Painting from Humboldt State University and the Presidential Scholarship from Maine College of Art.