2021 Senior Thesis

Lysander BTS, mixed materials 2021

Posted on: May 11, 2021
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In this animation I wanted to show Lysander as he is. He is a man ready for his own death, he understands the expectations of his livelihood. Dutifully accepting his role in the grave nature of the world he lives in, he has no complaints for the fate that surely awaits him. He is no different from from any man he has killed, and it is only the choices that he has made up to this point that have led him to where he now sits- beside his fire. he is not a man who would describe himself to have no regrets. Showing all this depth requires me to use more than animation. This small clip is still an entire production, Lysander the character is larger than Lysander the armature. Bach's Passacaglia shows us the intensity of Lysander's resolve. It testifies to his devotion, or perhaps his resignation.

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