Polyphemia in New England

Polyphemia, silkscreen on mylar. 2021

Polyphemia (detail)

Polyphemia (alternate view)

Posted on: December 17, 2021
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Polyphemia and and you multiply are companion pieces that are part of a series of works that investigate the colonialist origins of systemic racism and environmental degradation in the place we know as New England, a place once known by other names. By focusing a 21st century lens on the 17th century in this particular place, I hope to open new investigations into the attitudes and policies that have brought our world to the brink of a massive climate crisis and extinction event. James Meyer asked me a question via a work of art: Friend Ally Coworker Other? Polyphemia seeks to answer that question with a female cyclops, my own self portrait with a clock for an eye, silkscreened over a 17th century woodcut map of New England with text from the Wampanoag Bible. As a white woman, some of whose ancestors came on boats with John Winthrop, some of whom came much later, the only answer I have for that question from a person of indigenous descent is that I am a monster, an invasive species.

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Deborah Santoro

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MFA Student

Major: Printmaking

Graduation Year: 2023

Artist Statement:

Deborah Santoro is a conceptual artist working with print, thread, science fiction and light to interrogate Colonial/Indigenous interactions and to investigate how 17th century Colonialist beliefs and ideas form the baseline for the current and upcoming environmental crisis and mass extinction events that speculative fiction writer William Gibson refers to as the 'Jackpot.'