Ground over Floor

Posted on: February 27, 2023
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A film negative was placed in a pile of compost where it interacted with mycelium and acids from the soil. The image depicts bright, muddy red colors from the use of expired film, along with footprints and black void-like holes, intermixing with thinly webbed strands of mycelium. Despite the highly dynamic elements present in the image, the movement conveyed visually is dulled and slowed down by the presence of two cement feet covered in a light gray wax coating. These feet have rough ends that suggest they were broken off from a statue or another sculpture. Unlike the vibrant, colorful image, these feet lack any signs of life. Human presence has been decreased while all other interactions have been highlighted.

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Artist Statement:

My work draws from personal experiences and focused research to explore relationships between remote environmental systems. I aim to create unique assemblages that emphasize the movement and flow of interacting forces within nature and technology. Sculpture, photography, and film are used to manipulate the movement of materials as they mesh together creating potential for transformative change. Given the current environmental crisis my research takes on added significance as it underscores the need for greater ecological awareness and balance.