A Vulnerable Mome

Posted on: March 28, 2023
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Maya Parry is a video artist who uses the lens as her diary. Wrapped up in meme and social media culture alike, Parry uses the word ?mome? to describe the scenes in which she documents. A mome is a glimpse of a moment in life, as is her work, utilizing lo-fi, grainy images and video. Inspired by YouTube, she aims to challenge the ideas of saturation and perfection that we are so accustomed to seeing online. Parry also thinks about social media and its influence (often, as she believes, negative) on our outlooks of our own lives. Used to comparing herself to others through a screen, her work aims to show everyone ?you are not alone?, focusing on genuine connection and shared experience with the emotions, thoughts, and events that we often try so hard to keep hidden. She belongs in the first generation to exist with social media and the last to experience life without it. She is interested in breaking down what we have grown accustomed to, and inspiring others to live in their Vulnerable Momes.

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Maya Parry

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MFA Student

Major: Photography

Graduation Year: 2023