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Posted on: March 15, 2016
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Documentary focusing on the Portland Forge Shot, Directed and Edited by Hugh McCormick The Portland Forge is a 170 year old forge that continues in full operation until this day. It is located on the water in the city of Portland, Maine. It is the oldest, fully functional forge in the state of Maine, the largest brick forge in North America, and is the last piece of the Portland Company that is still being used for its original function. Sam Smith has been the head blacksmith at the Portland Forge for the past 2 years, creating high quality ironwork, teaching lessons and certifying apprentices. Despite the forge's long standing tradition, it was recently sold to developers. These developers claim that they are simply renovating the Portland Company (which the Portland Forge is a part of), and are going to stick to the foundation of what makes the Portland Company so successful. Their goal is to turn the Portland Company into a likeness of Boston's "Faneuil Hall." Their goals do not, however, include in any way preserving the historical landmark that is the Portland Forge. They deemed it unsalvageable, and as early as the spring, they plan on bulldozing it clean into the ground.

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