(Dis)regarding Repercussions

Posted on: April 15, 2016
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In blurring the lines between nature and institution, we become aware of the environment in which we inhabit, especially in regards to our relationship with the environment. Through partnering with Sierra Club?s Maine chapter, I am accessing a source of information that can both educate and help connect the audience so they may further their awareness and active participation within an ecological scope. Sierra Club?s motto: explore, enjoy and protect the planet, coincides with my efforts to urge the community to enrich their appreciation of landscape through a mediated experience, encouraging further involvement and activism. This joint venture creates a platform to inspire the public to be aware of their personal connection with nature as a vehicle to encourage support towards environmental justice.

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Caitlin Ervin

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BFA Student

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 2016

Artist Statement:

Inspired by natural phenomena, I investigate how I may transcribe selected formal elements found in the environment by using manufactured materials. In exploring natural patterns through a synthetic scope, the audience may become aware of the increasing distance between western culture and wildlife. In fabricating new environments for the spectator to experience, a dialogue may begin by questioning our relationship with the environment.