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Here/Now Video Series (1/3)

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Here/Now Video Series (3/3)

Posted on: May 5, 2016
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Here/Now is an installation of a YouTube video series that focuses on how one can find comfort through synthetic materials and mediation.

The project contains topics such as anxieties brought on by social media and also a YouTube subculture called ASMR made in order to rebuke the negative effects of media. The practice works by â??triggerâ? euphoric responses by simulating physically close interactions and relaxing landscape imagery.

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Alyssa Freitas

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BFA Alumni

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 2016

Artist Statement:

I explore the navigation from personal to public space. The exchange between people and technology is becoming increasingly complex. The way we comprehend objects is directly intertwined to how we understand ourselves as the human race. Focusing on the phenomena of social media provides a medium for me as an artist to communicate an array of conflicting emotions of both intimacy and isolation.

I approach this dichotomy through the action of collage where I collect materials to use in installation, video, photography and time based objects. This includes the combination of commercial products and personal displays. My focus is on high-traffic websites and personal spaces to enforce a place of uncertainty. Materials elements such as party decor, cheap clothing, and health and wellness supplies often repeated or digitally enhanced as a means of extending and collapsing spaces in order to communicate the potential of a new object to body relationship. My aim is to bluntly distort recognition both within and in response to Post-internet art.