To Lune

1. Brianna Beebe, Um, 2017, Plasticine, 12"x5"

2. Brianna Beebe, Um, 2017, Plasticine, 12

3. Brianna Beebe, Gwendolyn, 2017, Plasticine and Gilding, 6

4. Brianna Beebe, Grandmother, 2017, Plasticine, 12

5. Brianna Beebe, Grandmother, 2017, 12

6. Brianna Beebe, Lune, 2017, Plasticine, 13

7. Brianna Beebe, Lune, 2017, Plasticine, 13

Posted on: April 29, 2017
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To Lune is a thesis installation meant to be experienced both within the physical and virtual realms. It is comprised mainly of clay figure sculptures of characters all appearing within a short story.

Brianna Beebe

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BFA Student

Major: Animation & Game Art

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

The majority of my work is geared towards the world of stop motion pre production. To this end I create character sculptures which can later be cut up and molded to create physical puppets. It is one of the beginning stages in a very long process which I am unable to do alone. To this end I designed my thesis project entitled To Lune.
To Lune is an interactive sculptural installation meant to be experienced both in person and within a virtual realm. The use of riddles as a story base and a platform for forcing the audience to have more interaction with the piece is something I have worked with all semester. My goal was to create not only a detail oriented installation, but an overall fun experience.
In general I hate details. I forget them in everyday life, I get too tired to sketch them out in drawings, but in sculpture it’s all I can see. Textures, wrinkles, shoelaces. It all adds up to something bigger, something beautiful. It’s what my work focuses on. The small details in the bigger character in the bigger story. One leads to one leads to one and all must function together.