Flit Among This Void

Posted on: April 29, 2017
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A deep-rooted disconnect. A discontentedness. A stumble, a fall. An epiphany. Another. This plane of existence is rather taxing, isn?t it? I will show you mine.
This portal is the closest it can get to a physical manifestation, though it reaches far beyond the ghostly layers it managed to weave for the time being.
Float through it for an eon if you wish. Let it breathe you in, soothe your soul, unfurl a story for you, be your escape. There?s nothing wrong with embracing what you need.

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Amy Stanton

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BFA Alumni

Major: Printmaking

Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement:

My deep-rooted disconnect and discontentedness with this plane of existence has caused me quite a bit of grief. I stumbled, I fell. My artwork wandered aimlessly with me. Then, I was bathed in the light of an epiphany and my paradigm shifted. I now make prints in varied editions and artist’s books illustrating my abstract universe, often combining silkscreen flat colors with copper plate etchings of line work.
Portals to my universe manifest in the form of my artwork. The depth of my never-ending tale unfurls with each printed layer and each fusion of the mechanic with the organic. My hope is for my solace-seeking kindred spirits to visit my world, feel less alone, and help me do the same--if only for a short while.