Peculiar Constellations

Peculiar Constellation II, three-color serigraph and ink on paper, 22

Toward the Underworld, serigraph, gouache, and xerox transfer on paper, 22

but… (asterisms), blind relief, ink, and xerox transfer on paper, 22

i want to say something but shame prevents me (after Carson, after Sappho), paper, 22

Posted on: September 16, 2017
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This series of monoprints was shown at the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath, Maine, in the exhibition Far Away/Home, curated by Nika Knight in July 2017. A selection of images is below.

The monoprints in this exhibition incorporate personal systems of written annotation and hierarchy, an interest in the mutable edges between science and mysticism (visualized here as astronomy and astrology), and the fantasy of a post-language world. This series catalogues my questions around autonomy, privilege, and the boundaries of a rationalized world as an open-ended archive that hopes to promote a conversation of friction and tenderness.

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Jenna Crowder

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BFA Alumni

Major: Sculpture

Graduation Year: 2007

Artist Statement:

My practice is characterized by an investigation of language as a poetic space between desire and actualization. Trained as a sculptor and influenced by design principles, linguistics, and pop culture, I use typography, performance, and space to explore both the tactility of the written word as well as its cultural ramifications.