Chloe Adams


BFA Student

Major: Textile & Fashion Design

Graduation Year: 2020


Chloe Adams is a graduate of the fashion and textiles program at Maine College of Art. She graduated with the program in 2020, achieving a bachelor's degree as well as a writing minor. Chloe's practice is varied and she has worked hard to create connections in Portland, Maine. Currently, she works at Plant Office as a floral design and installation assistant as well as front of house plant sales person. She also works for the development department at Maine College of Art as an assistant for event planning, marketing and general development. She combines digital and physical mediums, textile work, found objects, and installation into a variety of final presentations. Most recently, Chloe has been fascinated by the marks of textiles such as tires and their tread, networks, lace and felted material. She explores her process intimately and enjoys challenging ideas of negative space as well as subtractive and additive ways of working. Topics of compassion, tradition, technology and comfort can be seen within Chloe’s work. Born in Portland, raised in Boston, Chloe has now returned to Maine to pursue her professional career and art practice.
Instagram: @bleachvomit