The Bigfoot Bird (Thesis)

Pg.1 Meadowlark cant fly as high as the other birds. The others laugh at his big feet.

Pg.3 Meadowlark hides in the grass and tries to forget about his huge feet. Grasshopper tries to cheer him up.

Pg.4 Meadowlark saves the day when a nest of eggs is almost crushed by humans havesting the wheat.

Pg.2 Meadowlarks feet dont stop growing

Posted on: March 22, 2018
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Illustrations for part of my thesis project. I have chosen three Native American stories about animals and I'm painting four illustrations for each story. My goal is to be a children's book illustrator and to share my love and admiration of animals. This is my first story about a meadowlark whose feet don't stop growing but in the end he finds his purpose.
Illustrations are done in watercolor.

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