How the Coyote Got His Colors - Thesis

Pg. 1 Coyote watches the three birds

Pg. 2 Coyote changes colors

Pg. 3 Coyote is very proud of his new coat.

Pg.4 Coyote trips into the dust

Posted on: April 27, 2018
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For my second Native American story I chose a Pima legend called How the Coyote Got His Colors. The story takes place long ago before people when all the animals were different colors then they are today. Coyotes happened to be a bright green. One coyote saw three birds fly into a crystal clear pond and come out blue. Coyote wanted to be blue as well and hopped in. He was so proud of his new coat and strutted around the forest to show it off to the other animals. He was so busy looking to see if anyone was looking at him that he tripped over a stump in the path and landed in the dusty dirt. His coat turned the color of dirt and dust and coyote learned his lesson, don't be too proud.

My illustrations are all done in watercolor.

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