How the Bear Lost His Tail - Thesis

Pg.1 Bear asks Otter to teach him to catch fish in the ice.

Pg.2 Bear waits and waits for a fish to bite.

Pg.3 Bear pulls his tail right off. Otter laughs.

Pg.4 Bear is angry with Otter but Otter just laughs.

Posted on: April 27, 2018
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My third Native American story from a Ojibwe legend. Bears back then had bushy tails. One day Bear sees Otter catching fish in the ice and wants to know how he can catch his own. Otter being a trickster tricks him into using his tail as a lure. Bear puts his tail in the hole in the ice and waits all day. Otter tells him to pull has hard as he can and Bear pulls his tail right off. Lesson: don't always believe what you are told.

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