Posted on: August 10, 2018
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I made this print in a time where both in my artistic career and my own life I decided to take control, and do things for myself. I had a huge printmaking project to make the diplomas for my graduating class. I was working on it for almost a whole year, and at the last minute I was told what I had was no longer wanted. In my personal life, I started working at a greenhouse, and it was a big step in finding my happiness. I think this piece really represents how I've been working on being independently happy. I took the process i was working with the diplomas, and made something I wanted. I really liked the look of more "crowded" prints. I wanted to make something busy, with strong use of contrast and perspective lines. I found inspiration for this walking through the greenhouse, the poles and tables utilizing as perspective and the plants them self adding life to the composition. I'm very proud of this work, but I'm also proud of the journey I took for this piece to be created. I was always worried my work didn't have meaning, but I'm starting to find that my purpose is naturally coming along.

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