Alec's Groceries 2

Posted on: December 29, 2019
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Silkscreen on black and white 35mm photo It was encouraged to throw away all test scraps and prints that did not come out perfectly in a photo class I took this summer, but I kept them all. With my imperfect photo prints, I silkscreened scenes of the obscured climate crisis that is often ignored or not immediately visible to those who are not seeking to see. The titles, Alec?s Groceries and Andy?s Bath serve as everyday activities, and how the climate crisis unconsciously affects everyone in their day to day life. The figures are washing and cleansing in bathtubs, unaware of the dirty world. This diptych create a visualisation of the climate crisis creeping up behind us, and before we know, it is too late. The lifted illustrated look of the silkscreen creates an illusion off the paper. The alteration of the original image mimics the fabrication of denial that is painted when it comes to the climate crisis. My bright colors, and soft round lines may first draw one in, but just like the climate crisis, a closer look must be taken, and must want to be taken, in order to realize there is doom soon ahead.

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